What frameworks and javascript libraries are used on the Internet? What are the most common languages, web servers and doctypes? Where are those domains hosted? Statscrawler works hard to find out.
Analyzed 3,732,876 domains and analyzing more...

1,614,146 global domains (com, org, net, edu, info, biz, gov) have been analyzed.

There are many ways to detect a framework. For example some frameworks add X-Powered-By HTTP header, some set unique cookie name or provide HTTP generator meta tag. Often the only reliable way is the directory structure of stylesheets, javascripts or images. Unique names of HTML element classes can also be used. Framework detection is not reliable.

Javascript libraries can be detected from file names of included scripts or in some cases from inline script code (Google Analytics UA-* identifier). Detection is more reliable here.

Detected from Server header, although this header is often hidden for security reasons.

Detected from X-Powered-By header, set cookie name or retroactively from framework.

<!DOCTYPE html> is used on 45,629 domains, that is 2.83%.

Domains with an AAAA DNS record are probably IPv6-ready.

Hosting server location can be determined using geoiplocation. Country-precision location is reliable.

Finer city-precision location can be very inaccurate. These numbers and map markers are not to be taken seriously.